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Pronunciation of Spread: Learn how to pronounce Spread in English correctly

Learn how to say Spread correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word spread:

verb (past and past participle spread)
1 [with object] open out (something) so as to extend its surface area, width, or length:
I spread a towel on the sand and sat down
she helped Colin to spread out the map
stretch out (arms, legs, hands, fingers, or wings) so that they are far apart:
[with object and complement]:
Bobby spread his arms wide
2 [no object, with adverbial] extend over a large or increasing area:
rain over north-west Scotland will spread south-east during the day
(spread out) (of a group of people) move apart so as to cover a wider area:
the Marines spread out across the docks
[with object and adverbial] distribute or disperse (something) over an area:
volcanic eruptions spread dust high into the stratosphere
gradually reach or cause to reach a wider area or more people:
[no object]:
the violence spread from the city centre to the suburbs
[with object]:
she’s always spreading rumours
(of people, animals, or plants) become distributed over a large or larger area:
the owls have spread as far north as Kuala Lumpur
[with object and adverbial] distribute in a specified way:
you can spread the payments over as long a period as you like
3 [with object and adverbial] apply (a substance) to an object or surface in an even layer:
he sighed, spreading jam on a croissant
cover (a surface) with a substance in an even layer:
spread each slice thinly with mayonnaise
[no object, with adverbial] be able to be applied in an even layer:
a tub of unsalted butter that spreads so well
4 [with object] archaic lay (a table) for a meal.
1 [mass noun] the fact or process of spreading over an area:
the spread of AIDS
the spread of the urban population into rural areas
2the extent, width, or area covered by something:
the male’s antlers can attain a spread of six feet
the wingspan of a bird:
the red-tailed hawk has a four-and-a-half-foot spread
an expanse or amount of something:
the green spread of the park
3the range or variety of something:
a wide spread of ages
the difference between two rates or prices:
the very narrow spread between borrowing and deposit rates
short for point spread.
4a soft paste that can be applied in a layer to bread or other food:
low-fat spreads
[mass noun]:
cheese spread
5an article or advertisement covering several columns or pages of a newspaper or magazine, especially one on two facing pages:
a double-page spread
6 informal a large and impressively elaborate meal:
his mother laid on a huge spread
7North American a large farm or ranch.
8North American a bedspread:
a patchwork spread
spread like wildfire
see wildfire.
spread oneself too thin
be involved in so many different activities that one’s time and energy are not used to good effect.
spread one’s wings
see wing.
Old English -sprĒ£dan (used in combinations), of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch spreiden and German spreiten