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Pronunciation of Sprawled: Learn how to pronounce Sprawled in English correctly

Learn how to say Sprawled correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word sprawl:

[no object, with adverbial]
sit, lie, or fall with one’s arms and legs spread out in an ungainly way:
the door shot open, sending him sprawling across the pavement
she lay sprawled on the bed
spread out over a large area in an untidy or irregular way:
the town sprawled along several miles of cliff top
(as adjective sprawling)
the sprawling suburbs
[usually in singular]
an ungainly or carelessly relaxed position in which one’s arms and legs are spread out:
she fell into a sort of luxurious sprawl
a group or mass of something that has spread out in an untidy or irregular way:
a sprawl of buildings
[mass noun] the disorganized and unattractive expansion of an urban or industrial area into the adjoining countryside:
the growth of urban sprawl
Old English spreawlian ‘move the limbs convulsively’; related to Danish sprælle ‘kick or splash about’. The noun dates from the early 18th century