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Pronunciation of Spooning: Learn how to pronounce Spooning in English correctly

Learn how to say Spooning correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word spoon:

1an implement consisting of a small, shallow oval or round bowl on a long handle, used for eating, stirring, and serving food.
the contents of a spoon:
three spoons of sugar
(spoons) a pair of spoons held in the hand and beaten together rhythmically as a percussion instrument.
2a thing resembling a spoon in shape, in particular:
(also spoon bait) a fishing lure designed to wobble when pulled through the water.
an oar with a broad curved blade.
Golf, dated a club with a slightly concave wooden head.
1 [with object and adverbial of direction] put (food) into or on something with a spoon:
Rosie spooned sugar into her mug
2 [no object] informal, dated (of two people) behave in an amorous way; kiss and cuddle:
I saw them spooning on the beach
(of two people) lie close together sideways and front to back, so as to fit together like spoons.
3 [with object] hit (a ball) up into the air with a soft or weak stroke:
he spooned his shot high over the bar
noun (plural spoonfuls)
Old English sp┼Źn ‘chip of wood’, of Germanic origin; related to German Span ‘shaving’. sense 1 of the noun is of Scandinavian origin. The verb dates from the early 18th century