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Pronunciation of Splint: Learn how to pronounce Splint in English correctly

Learn how to say Splint correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word splint:

1a strip of rigid material used for supporting and immobilizing a broken bone when it has been set:
she had to wear splints on her legs
2a long, thin strip of wood used to light a fire.
a rigid or flexible strip, especially of wood, used in basketwork.
3a bony enlargement on the inside of a horse’s leg, on the splint bone.
4South African a fragment of diamond.
[with object]
secure (a broken limb) with a splint or splints:
his leg was splinted
Middle English (in sense 2 of the noun; also denoting a section of armour): from Middle Dutch, Middle Low German splinte ‘metal plate or pin’; related to splinter