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Pronunciation of Splice: Learn how to pronounce Splice in English correctly

Learn how to say Splice correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word splice:

[with object]
join or connect (a rope or ropes) by interweaving the strands at the ends:
we learned how to weave and splice ropes
the work splices detail and generalization
join (pieces of timber, film, or tape) at the ends:
commercials can be spliced in later
he had to splice the short music films together
Genetics join or insert (a gene or gene fragment):
they have spliced a gene into tomatoes that improves flavour
a join consisting of two ropes, pieces of tape or timber, etc. joined together at the ends:
so smooth is the splice that you can’t see the join
the wedge-shaped tang of a cricket-bat handle, forming a joint with the blade.
get (or be) spliced
British informal get married.
splice the main brace
British historical (in the navy) serve out an extra tot of rum.
[perhaps arising from the issue of a tot of rum as a reward for the actual splicing of the main brace, which would be a rare and difficult operation]
early 16th century: probably from Middle Dutch splissen, of unknown origin