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Pronunciation of Splayed: Learn how to pronounce Splayed in English correctly

Learn how to say Splayed correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word splay:

[with object]
thrust or spread (things, especially limbs or fingers) out and apart:
her hands were splayed across his broad shoulders
he stood with his legs and arms splayed out
[no object] (especially of limbs or fingers) be thrust or spread out and apart:
his legs splayed out in front of him
[no object] become wider or more separated:
the river splayed out, deepening to become an estuary
(usually as adjective splayed) construct (a window, doorway, or other aperture) so that it diverges or is wider at one side of the wall than the other:
the walls are pierced by splayed window openings
1a tapered widening of a road at an intersection to increase visibility.
2a surface making an oblique angle with another, especially a splayed window or other aperture.
[mass noun] the degree of bevel or slant of a surface.
[usually in combination]
turned outward or widened:
the girls were sitting splay-legged
Middle English (in the sense ‘unfold to view, display’): shortening of the verb display