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Pronunciation of Spitting: Learn how to pronounce Spitting in English correctly

Learn how to say Spitting correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word spit:

verb (spits, spitting; past and past participle spat /spat/ or spit)
[no object]
1eject saliva forcibly from one’s mouth, sometimes as a gesture of contempt or anger:
Todd spat in Hugh’s face
[with object] forcibly eject (food or liquid) from one’s mouth:
the baby spat out its porridge
(spit up) North American (especially of a baby) vomit or regurgitate food:
their infants fretted, mewled, and spat up over their jeans
[with object] utter in a hostile or aggressive way:
she spat abuse at the jury
[with direct speech]:
‘Go to hell!’ she spat
black English perform rap music.
(of a fire or something being cooked) emit small bursts of sparks or hot fat with a series of short, explosive noises:
the bonfire crackled and spat
(of a cat) make a hissing noise as a sign of anger or hostility:
the cat arched his back and spat at her
2 (it spits, it is spitting, etc.) British light rain falls:
it began to spit
1 [mass noun] saliva, typically that which has been ejected from a person’s mouth.
2an act of spitting.