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Pronunciation of Spits: Learn how to pronounce Spits in English correctly

Learn how to say Spits correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word spit:

verb (spits, spitting; past and past participle spat /spat/ or spit)
[no object]
1eject saliva forcibly from one’s mouth, sometimes as a gesture of contempt or anger:
Todd spat in Hugh’s face
[with object] forcibly eject (food or liquid) from one’s mouth:
the baby spat out its porridge
(spit up) North American (especially of a baby) vomit or regurgitate food:
their infants fretted, mewled, and spat up over their jeans
[with object] utter in a hostile or aggressive way:
she spat abuse at the jury
[with direct speech]:
‘Go to hell!’ she spat
black English perform rap music.
(of a fire or something being cooked) emit small bursts of sparks or hot fat with a series of short, explosive noises:
the bonfire crackled and spat
(of a cat) make a hissing noise as a sign of anger or hostility:
the cat arched his back and spat at her
2 (it spits, it is spitting, etc.) British light rain falls:
it began to spit
1 [mass noun] saliva, typically that which has been ejected from a person’s mouth.
2an act of spitting.
be the spit (or the dead spit) of
informal look exactly like:
Felix is the spit of Rosa’s brother
[see spitting image]
British informal used to describe an old-fashioned or simple pub or bar, of a type whose floor was originally covered with sawdust.
spit blood
informal be very angry.
spit (out) the dummy
Australian informal behave in a bad-tempered or petulant way.
spit feathers (or tacks or Australian chips)
informal, chiefly British
1be very thirsty.
2be very angry.
spit in the eye (or face) of
show contempt or scorn for.
spitting distance
see within spitting distance at distance.
spit in (or into) the wind
do something futile or pointless.
spit it out
informal used to urge someone to say or confess something quickly:
spit it out, man, I haven’t got all day