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Pronunciation of Spindles: Learn how to pronounce Spindles in English correctly

Learn how to say Spindles correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word spindle:

1a slender rounded rod with tapered ends used in hand spinning to twist and wind thread from a mass of wool or flax held on a distaff.
a pin or rod used on a spinning wheel to twist and wind the thread.
a pin bearing the bobbin of a spinning machine.
a measure of length for yarn, equal to 15,120 yards (13,826 metres) for cotton or 14,400 yards (13,167 metres) for linen.
a turned piece of wood used as a banister or chair leg.
North American a pointed metal rod on a base, used for filing paper items.
2a rod or pin serving as an axis that revolves or on which something revolves.
the vertical rod at the centre of a record turntable which keeps the record in place during play.
3 Biology a slender mass of microtubules formed when a cell divides. At metaphase the chromosomes become attached to it by their centromeres before being pulled towards its ends.
4 (also spindle tree or bush) a Eurasian shrub or small tree with slender toothed leaves and pink capsules containing bright orange seeds. Its hard timber was formerly used for making spindles.
Genus Euonymus, family Celastraceae: several species, in particular E. europaea
Old English spinel, from the base of the verb spin