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Pronunciation of Spill: Learn how to pronounce Spill in English correctly

Learn how to say Spill correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word spill:

verb (past and past participle spilled or spilt)
[with object]
1cause or allow (liquid) to flow over the edge of its container, especially unintentionally:
you’ll spill that tea if you’re not careful
azaleas spilled cascades of flowers over the pathways
[no object] (of liquid) flow over the edge of its container:
some of the wine spilled on to the floor
light spilled into the room from the landing
(with reference to the contents of something) empty out or be emptied out on to a surface:
[with object]:
the bag fell to the floor, spilling out its contents
[no object]:
passengers’ baggage had spilled out of the hold
[no object, with adverbial of direction] (of a number of people) move out of somewhere quickly:
students began to spill out of the building
(in the context of ball games) drop (the ball).
Sailing let (wind) out of a sail, typically by slackening the sheets.
2 informal reveal (confidential information) to someone:
she ought not to be spilling out her troubles to you
3cause to fall off a horse or bicycle:
the horse was wrenched off course, spilling his rider
1a quantity of liquid that has spilled or been spilt:
wipe up spills immediately
an instance of a liquid spilling or being spilt:
he was absolved from any blame for the oil spill
2a fall from a horse or bicycle.
3Australian a vacating of all or several posts in a cabinet or parliamentary party to allow reorganization after one important change of office.