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Pronunciation of Spender: Learn how to pronounce Spender in English correctly

Learn how to say Spender correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word spend:

verb (past and past participle spent /spɛnt/)
[with object]
1give (money) to pay for goods, services, or so as to benefit someone or something:
the firm has spent £100,000 on hardware
use or give out the whole of; exhaust:
she couldn’t buy any more because she had already spent her money
the initial surge of interest had spent itself
2pass (time) in a specified way or in a particular place:
she spent a lot of time travelling
an amount of money paid out:
the average spend at the cafe is £10 a head

spend a penny
British informal used euphemistically to refer to a need to urinate:
you can’t get to sleep when you want to spend a penny
[with reference to the coin-operated locks of public toilets]


Old English spendan, from Latin expendere ‘pay out’; partly also a shortening of obsolete dispend, from Latin dispendere ‘pay out’