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Pronunciation of Specifically: Learn how to pronounce Specifically in English correctly

Learn how to say Specifically correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word specific:

1clearly defined or identified:
savings were made by increasing the electricity supply only until it met specific development needs
precise and clear in making statements or issuing instructions:
when ordering goods be specific
belonging or relating uniquely to a particular subject:
information needs are often very specific to individuals
2 Biology relating to species or a species:
the differences between them can only be on the specific level
3(of a duty or a tax) levied at a fixed rate per physical unit of the thing taxed, regardless of its price.
4 Physics of or denoting a number equal to the ratio of the value of some property of a given substance to the value of the same property of some other substance used as a reference, such as water, or of a vacuum, under equivalent conditions:
specific dielectric strength
of or denoting a physical quantity expressed in terms of a unit mass, volume, or other measure, in order to give a value independent of the properties or scale of the particular system studied:
specific conductance
1chiefly dated a medicine or remedy effective in treating a particular disease or part of the body:
he grasped at the idea as though she had offered him a specific for cancer
2 (usually specifics) a precise detail:
I wish I’d put more thought into the specifics

they don’t talk specifically about education
[sentence adverb]:
these are war, or more specifically anti-war, novels
Pronunciation: /ˌspɛsɪˈfɪsɪti/

mid 17th century (originally in the sense ‘having a special determining quality’): from late Latin specificus, from Latin species (see species)