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Pronunciation of Speaks: Learn how to pronounce Speaks in English correctly

Learn how to say Speaks correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word speak:

verb (past spoke /spəʊk/; past participle spoken /ˈspəʊk(ə)n/)
[no object]
1say something in order to convey information or to express a feeling:
in his agitation he was unable to speak
she refused to speak about the incident
have a conversation:
last time we spoke, you told me you couldn’t do the job
I’ll speak to him if he rings up
[with object] utter (a word, message, etc.):
patients copy words spoken by the therapist
[with object] communicate in or be able to communicate in (a specified language):
my mother spoke Russian
make a speech or contribute to a debate:
twenty thousand people attended to hear him speak
(speak for) express the views or position of (another):
he claimed to speak for the majority of local people
convey one’s views or position indirectly:
speaking through his solicitor, he refused to join the debate
(speak to) answer (a question) or address (an issue or problem):
we should be disappointed if the report did not speak to the issue of literacy
(speak of) mention or discuss in speech or writing:
the books speak of betrayal
2 (speak to) talk to in order to reprove or advise:
she tried to speak to Seb about his drinking
talk to in order to give or obtain information:
he had spoken to the police
appeal or relate to:
the story spoke to him directly
3(of behaviour, an object, etc.) serve as evidence for something:
everything in the house spoke of hard times and neglect
[with object]:
his frame spoke tiredness
[with object and infinitive or adverbial] archaic show (someone or something) to be in a particular state or to possess a certain quality:
she had seen nothing that spoke him of immoral habits
4(of a musical instrument or other object) make a sound when functioning:
the gun spoke again
insufficient air circulates for the pipes to speak
(of a hound) bark.