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Pronunciation of Soundly: Learn how to pronounce Soundly in English correctly

Learn how to say Soundly correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word sound:

1in good condition; not damaged, injured, or diseased:
they returned safe and sound
he was not of sound mind
financially secure:
she could get her business on a sound footing for the first time
British informal excellent:
He ate his lasagne with relish. ‘It’s sound, this.’
2based on valid reason or good judgement:
sound advice for healthy living
the scientific content is sound
competent, reliable, or holding acceptable views:
he’s very sound on his law
3(of sleep) deep and undisturbed:
a doze that deepened into a sound sleep
(of a person) tending to sleep deeply:
I am a sound sleeper
4(of a beating) severe:
such people should be given a sound thrashing
he was sound asleep