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Pronunciation of Soothe: Learn how to pronounce Soothe in English correctly

Learn how to say Soothe correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word soothe:

[with object]
gently calm (a person or their feelings):
a shot of brandy might soothe his nerves
reduce pain or discomfort in (a part of the body):
to soothe the skin try chamomile or thyme
relieve or ease (pain):
it contains a mild anaesthetic to soothe the pain
Old English sōthian ‘verify, show to be true’, from sōth ‘true’ (see sooth). In the 16th century the verb passed through the senses ‘corroborate (a statement’), ‘humour (a person) by expressing assent’ and ‘flatter by one’s assent’, whence ‘mollify, appease’ (late 17th century)