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Pronunciation of Sideline: Learn how to pronounce Sideline in English correctly

Learn how to say Sideline correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word sideline:

1an activity done in addition to one’s main job, especially to earn extra income:
[as modifier]:
a sideline career as a stand-up comic
an auxiliary line of goods or trade:
electronic handbooks are a lucrative sideline for the firm
2either of the two lines bounding the longer sides of a football field, basketball court, or similar:
Gascoigne celebrated his goal by sprinting to the sidelines
(the sidelines) the area immediately outside such lines as a place for non-players, substitutes, or spectators:
a referee collapsed during a match as his son watched from the sidelines
(the sidelines) a position where one is observing a situation rather than directly involved in it:
we are not just watching from the sidelines, we are rolling our sleeves up and getting involved
[with object]
cause (a player) to be unable to play in a team or game:
an ankle injury has sidelined him for two weeks
remove from the centre of activity or attention; place in a less influential position:
backbench MPs have been sidelined and excluded from decision-making: