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Pronunciation of Shutter: Learn how to pronounce Shutter in English correctly

Learn how to say Shutter correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word shutter:

1each of a pair of hinged panels fixed inside or outside a window that can be closed for security or privacy or to keep out the light:
he threw open the shutters to let in air and light
painted wooden shutters
2 Photography a device that opens and closes to expose the film in a camera.
3 Music the blind enclosing the swell box in an organ, used for controlling the volume of sound.
[with object]
close the shutters of (a window or building):
the windows were shuttered against the afternoon heat
(as adjective shuttered)
barred and shuttered shops
chiefly North American close (a business):
the city was gripped by economic forces that were squeezing its tax base and shuttering its factories
an additional dozen stores will be shuttered when their leases expire next year