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Pronunciation of Shrivels: Learn how to pronounce Shrivels in English correctly

Learn how to say Shrivels correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word shrivel:

verb (shrivels, shrivelling, shrivelled; US shrivels, shriveling, shriveled)
wrinkle and contract or cause to wrinkle and contract, especially due to loss of moisture:
[no object]:
the flowers simply shrivelled up
[with object]:
a heatwave so intense that it shrivelled the grapes in every vineyard
[no object] lose momentum, will, or desire:
as American interest shrivelled, so did the government’s
[with object] cause to feel worthless or insignificant:
she shrivelled him with one glance

mid 16th century: perhaps of Scandinavian origin; compare with Swedish dialect skryvla ‘to wrinkle’