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Pronunciation of Shit: Learn how to pronounce Shit in English correctly

Learn how to say Shit correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word shit:

[mass noun]
[in singular] an act of defecating.
(the shits) diarrhoea.
2 [count noun] a contemptible or worthless person.
3something worthless; rubbish; nonsense.
unpleasant experiences or treatment.
4personal belongings; stuff.
an intoxicating drug, especially cannabis.
verb (shits, shitting; past and past participle shitted or shit or shat /ʃat/)
1 [no object] expel faeces from the body.
[with object] (shit oneself) soil one’s clothes as a result of expelling faeces accidentally.
[with object] (shit oneself) be very frightened.
2 [with object] tease or try to deceive (someone).
an exclamation of disgust, anger, or annoyance.