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Pronunciation of Shelf: Learn how to pronounce Shelf in English correctly

Learn how to say Shelf correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word shelf:

noun (plural shelves /ʃɛlvz/)
1a flat length of wood or rigid material, attached to a wall or forming part of a piece of furniture, that provides a surface for the storage or display of objects.
2a ledge of rock or protruding strip of land.
a submarine bank, or a part of the continental shelf.
off the shelf
not designed or made to order but taken from existing stock or supplies:
off-the-shelf software packages
on the shelf
1 informal no longer useful or desirable:
an injury which has kept him on the shelf
2(especially of a woman) past an age when one might expect to have the opportunity to marry.
noun (plural shelf-fuls)
Middle English: from Middle Low German schelf; related to Old English scylfe ‘partition’, scylf ‘crag’

Spelling rule
Change the -f to -ves to make the plurals of nouns that end in a consonant or a single vowel plus -f or -fe: (shelves)