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Pronunciation of Sharp: Learn how to pronounce Sharp in English correctly

Learn how to say Sharp correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word sharp:

1(of an object) having an edge or point that is able to cut or pierce something:
cut the cake with a very sharp knife
keep tools sharp
tapering to a point or edge:
a sharp pencil
her face was thin and her nose sharp
(of sand or gravel) composed of angular grains.
2producing a sudden, piercing physical sensation or effect:
I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my back
(of a food, taste, or smell) acidic and intense:
fresh goats’ milk cheese has a slightly sharper flavour than fromage frais
(of a sound) sudden and penetrating:
there was a sharp crack of thunder
(of words or a speaker) critical or hurtful:
she feared his sharp tongue
he could be very sharp with her
(of an emotion or experience) felt acutely or intensely; painful:
her sharp disappointment was tinged with embarrassment
3distinct in outline or detail; clearly defined:
the job was a sharp contrast from her past life
the scene was as sharp and clear in his mind as a film
4(of an action or change) sudden and marked:
there was a sharp increase in interest rates
he heard her sharp intake of breath
(of a bend, angle, or turn) making a sudden change of direction:
the bus creaked round a sharp hairpin bend
5having or showing speed of perception, comprehension, or response:
her sharp eyes missed nothing
his old mind was not so sharp as it once was
quick to take advantage, especially in an unscrupulous or dishonest way:
Paul’s a sharp operator
6(of musical sound) above true or normal pitch.
[postpositive] (of a note) a semitone higher than a specified note:
F sharp
(of a key) having a sharp or sharps in the signature.
7 informal (of clothes or their wearer) smart and stylish:
they were greeted by a young man in a sharp suit
1precisely (used after an expression of time):
the meeting starts at 7.30 sharp
2in a sudden or abrupt way:
turn sharp right at the corner
he was brought up sharp by Helen’s voice
3above the true or normal pitch of musical sound:
he heard him playing a little sharp on the high notes