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Pronunciation of Shadowing: Learn how to pronounce Shadowing in English correctly

Learn how to say Shadowing correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word shadow:

1a dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface:
trees cast long shadows
[mass noun] partial or complete darkness, especially as produced in this way:
the north side of the cathedral was deep in shadow
a stranger slowly approached from the shadows
[mass noun] the shaded part of a picture.
a dark patch or area on a surface:
her face was pale and there were shadows under her eyes
a region of opacity on a radiograph:
shadows on his lungs
2used in reference to proximity, ominous oppressiveness, or sadness and gloom:
the shadow of war fell across Europe
only one shadow lay over Sally’s life
used in reference to something insubstantial or fleeting:
a freedom that was more shadow than substance
used in reference to a position of relative inferiority or obscurity:
he lived in the shadow of his father
[with negative] the slightest trace of something:
she knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was lying
a weak or inferior remnant or version of something:
this fine-looking, commanding man had become a shadow of his former self
an expression of perplexity or sadness:
a shadow crossed Maria’s face
3an inseparable attendant or companion:
her faithful shadow, a Yorkshire terrier called Heathcliffe
a person secretly following and observing another:
no matter where Johnson went, his shadow stayed with him
a person that accompanies someone in their daily activities at work in order to gain experience at or insight into a job.
[usually as modifier] British the opposition counterpart of a government minister or ministry:
the shadow Chancellor
4short for eyeshadow.
[with object]
1envelop in shadow; cast a shadow over:
the market is shadowed by St Margaret’s church
a hood shadowed her face
2follow and observe (someone) closely and secretly:
he had been up all night shadowing a team of poachers
British (of an opposition politician) be the counterpart of (a government minister or a ministry):
he formerly helped to shadow the Foreign Office
accompany (someone) in their daily activities at work in order to gain experience at or insight into a job:
the placement might involve shadowing a manager