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Pronunciation of Shackle: Learn how to pronounce Shackle in English correctly

Learn how to say Shackle correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word shackle:

1 (shackles) a pair of fetters connected together by a chain, used to fasten a prisoner’s wrists or ankles together.
a situation or factor that restrains or restricts someone or something:
society is going to throw off the shackles of racism and colonialism
2a metal link, typically U-shaped, closed by a bolt, used to secure a chain or rope to something.
a pivoted link connecting a spring in a vehicle’s suspension to the body of the vehicle.
[with object]
chain with shackles:
the prisoner was shackled to the heavy steel chair in the centre of the room
restrain; limit:
they seek to shackle the oil and gas companies by imposing new controls
Old English sc(e)acul ‘fetter’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch schakel ‘link, coupling’