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Pronunciation of Seem: Learn how to pronounce Seem in English correctly

Learn how to say Seem correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word seem:

[no object]
1give the impression of being something or having a particular quality:
[with complement]:
Dawn seemed annoyed
it seemed a dismal town
[with infinitive]:
there seems to be plenty to eat
[with clause]:
it seemed that he was determined to oppose her
[with infinitive] used to make a statement less forceful:
I seem to remember giving you very precise instructions
[with clause] (it seems or it would seem) used to suggest in a cautious or polite way that something is the case:
it would seem that he has been fooling us all
2 (cannot seem to do something) be unable to do something, despite having tried:
he couldn’t seem to remember his lines

Middle English (also in the sense ‘suit, befit, be appropriate’): from Old Norse sœma ‘to honour’, from sœmr ‘fitting’