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Pronunciation of Script: Learn how to pronounce Script in English correctly

Learn how to say Script correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word script:

1 [mass noun] handwriting as distinct from print; written characters:
her neat, tidy script
printed type imitating handwriting.
[with adjective] writing using a particular alphabet:
Russian script
2the written text of a play, film, or broadcast.
Computing an automated series of instructions carried out in a specific order.
3British a candidate’s written answers in an examination.
[with object]
write a script for (a play, film, or broadcast):
it was perfectly scripted and beautifully acted
flip the script
informal, chiefly North American reverse the usual or existing positions in a situation; do something unexpected or revolutionary:
Campbell flips the script on the old beauty-and-the-beast formula
she decided to flip the script and ask her boyfriend of eight years to marry her
late Middle English (in the sense ‘something written’): shortening of Old French escript, from Latin scriptum, neuter past participle (used as a noun) of scribere ‘write’