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Pronunciation of Sanctionable: Learn how to pronounce Sanctionable in English correctly

Learn how to say Sanctionable correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word sanction:

1a threatened penalty for disobeying a law or rule:
a range of sanctions aimed at deterring insider abuse
(sanctions) measures taken by a state to coerce another to conform to an international agreement or norms of conduct, typically in the form of restrictions on trade or official sporting participation:
the United States had agreed to lift economic sanctions
Philosophy a consideration operating to enforce obedience to any rule of conduct.
2 [mass noun] official permission or approval for an action:
he appealed to the bishop for his sanction
official confirmation or ratification of a law.
[count noun] Law, historical a law or decree, especially an ecclesiastical decree.
[with object]
1give official permission or approval for (an action):
the scheme was sanctioned by the court
2impose a sanction or penalty on:
foreigners in France illegally should be sent home, their employers sanctioned and border controls tightened up


late Middle English (as a noun denoting an ecclesiastical decree): from French, from Latin sanctio(n-), from sancire ‘ratify’. The verb dates from the late 18th century