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Pronunciation of Rynchopidae: Learn how to pronounce Rynchopidae in English correctly

Learn how to say Rynchopidae correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word skimmer:

1a person or thing that skims.
a utensil or device for removing a substance from the surface of a liquid:
a perforated skimmer
2a hydroplane, hydrofoil, hovercraft, or other vessel that has little or no displacement at speed.
3 informal a close-fitting dress:
our collection includes wraps, skimmers, and pleated coat dresses
4chiefly North American a flat, broad-brimmed straw hat:
his straw skimmer
5a long-winged seabird related to the terns, feeding by flying low over the water surface with its knife-like extended lower mandible immersed.
Genus Rynchops, family Rynchopidae (or Laridae): three species, one each in Africa, Asia, and America
6North American term for darter (sense 3).
Middle English: from Old French escumoir, from escumer ‘skim’, from escume ‘scum’