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Pronunciation of Runout: Learn how to pronounce Runout in English correctly

Learn how to say Runout correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word run-out:

1 Cricket the dismissal of a batsman by being run out:
TV assistance for umpires in run-outs and stumpings
2 informal a short session of play, practice, or participation in sporting competition, especially at the beginning of a season or after a period of absence due to injury:
a mid-morning run-out, going over all the moves
3a slight error in a rotating tool, machine component, etc. such as being off-centre or not exactly round:
[mass noun]:
slight run-out in your drill can make the holes oversized
run-outs are bound to occur
4a length of time or stretch of ground over which something gradually ceases or is brought to an end or a halt:
the commission recommended abolition after a run-out of ten years