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Pronunciation of Run-Up: Learn how to pronounce Run-Up in English correctly

Learn how to say Run-Up correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word run-up:

1the period preceding a notable event:
a programme aimed at lowering unemployment in the run-up to the next election
2an act of running briefly to gain momentum before performing a jump in athletics, bowling in cricket, etc.:
high jumper Steve Smith will use his shortened five-stride run-up
the bowler started his run-up
the strip of ground behind the wicket on which the bowler runs before bowling:
the start was delayed because the bowlers’ run-ups were wet
3 Golf a low approach shot that bounces and runs forward.
4an act of running an engine or turbine to prepare it for use or to test it:
other than for the first flight of the day, engine run-ups are not deemed necessary
5a marked rise in the value or level of something:
a sharp run-up of land and stock prices