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Pronunciation of Rump: Learn how to pronounce Rump in English correctly

Learn how to say Rump correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word rump:

1the hind part of the body of a mammal or the lower back of a bird:
the harrier is distinguished by its prominent white rump
he slapped the horse on the rump
[mass noun]:
a medium-rare slice of rump
chiefly humorous a person’s buttocks:
he removed his hand from Shirley’s rump
2a small or unimportant remnant of something originally larger:
once the profitable enterprises have been sold the unprofitable rump will be left
[as modifier]:
the rump Yugoslavia
(the Rump)short for Rump Parliament.
late Middle English: probably of Scandinavian origin; compare with Danish and Norwegian rumpe ‘backside’