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Pronunciation of Rumbling: Learn how to pronounce Rumbling in English correctly

Learn how to say Rumbling correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word rumble:

1 [no object] make a continuous deep, resonant sound:
thunder rumbled, lightning flickered
[with adverbial of direction] (especially of a large vehicle) move with a rumbling sound:
heavy lorries rumbled through the streets
[with object] utter in a deep, resonant voice:
the man’s low voice rumbled an instruction
(of a person’s stomach) make a deep, resonant sound due to hunger:
as she passed the buffet car her stomach rumbled
(rumble on) British (of a dispute) continue in a persistent but low-key way:
the debate about television replays rumbles on
2 [with object] British informal discover (an illicit activity or its perpetrator):
it wouldn’t need a genius to rumble my little game
3 [no object] US informal take part in a street fight between gangs or large groups:
the five of them rumbled with the men in the other car
1a continuous deep, resonant sound like distant thunder:
the continuous rumble of traffic
there were of rumbles of discontent from small retailers
2US informal a street fight between gangs or large groups:
a rumble between two gangs of street thugs


late Middle English: probably from Middle Dutch rommelen, rummelen, of imitative origin. Sense 2 of the verb may be a different word