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Pronunciation of Ruining: Learn how to pronounce Ruining in English correctly

Learn how to say Ruining correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word ruin:

[mass noun]
the physical destruction or disintegration of something or the state of disintegrating or being destroyed:
a large white house falling into gentle ruin
[count noun] the remains of a building, typically an old one that has suffered much damage or disintegration:
the ruins of the castle
the church is a ruin now
the disastrous disintegration of someone’s life:
the ruin and heartbreak wrought by alcohol, divorce, and violence
the complete loss of one’s money and other assets:
the financial cost could mean ruin
something that causes the disintegration of a person’s life or the complete loss of their assets:
they don’t know how to say no, and that’s been their ruin
1 [with object] reduce (a building or place) to a state of decay, collapse, or disintegration:
(as adjective ruined)
a ruined castle
cause great and usually irreparable damage or harm to; have a disastrous effect on:
a noisy motorway has ruined village life
reduce to a state of poverty:
they were ruined by the highest interest rates this century
2 [no object] literary fall headlong or with a crash:
carriages go ruining over the brink from time to time

in ruins
in a state of complete disorder or disintegration:
the economy was in ruins

Middle English (in the sense ‘collapse of a building’): from Old French ruine, from Latin ruina, from ruere ‘to fall’