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Pronunciation of Rubbed: Learn how to pronounce Rubbed in English correctly

Learn how to say Rubbed correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word rub:

verb (rubs, rubbing, rubbed)
1 [with object] apply firm pressure to the surface of (something), using a repeated back and forth motion:
she rubbed her arm, where she had a large bruise
[no object]:
he rubbed at the earth on his jeans
[with object and adverbial of direction] move (one’s hand, a cloth, or another object) back and forth against a surface:
he rubbed a finger round the rim of his mug
[with object and adverbial] apply (ointment, polish, or a similar substance) with a back and forth motion:
she took out her suncream and rubbed some on her nose
make dry, clean, or smooth by rubbing:
she found a towel and began rubbing her hair
[with object and complement]:
I rubbed myself dry
(rub something in/into/through) work an ingredient into (a mixture) by breaking and blending it with firm movements of one’s fingers:
sift the flour into a bowl and rub in the fat
reproduce the design of (a sepulchral brass or a stone) by rubbing paper laid on it with coloured wax, pencil, or chalk, etc.:
he was rubbing an old brass
2(with reference to two things) move or cause to move to and fro against each other with a certain amount of friction:
[with object and adverbial]:
many insects make noises by rubbing parts of their bodies together
[no object, with adverbial]:
the ice breaks into small floes that rub against each other
[no object] (of shoes or other hard items in contact with the skin) cause pain through friction:
badly fitting shoes can rub painfully
[no object] Bowls (of a bowl) be slowed or diverted by the unevenness of the ground.
1an act of rubbing:
she pulled out a towel and gave her head a quick rub
an ointment designed to be rubbed on the skin to ease pain:
a muscle rub
2 (the rub) the central problem or difficulty in a situation:
that was the rub—she had not cared enough
[from Shakespeare’s Hamlet ( iii. i. 65)]
3 Bowls an inequality of the ground impeding or diverting a bowl; the diversion or hindering of a bowl by this.