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Pronunciation of Royals: Learn how to pronounce Royals in English correctly

Learn how to say Royals correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word royal:

having the status of a king or queen or a member of their family:
contributors included members of the royal family
belonging to, carried out, or exercised by a king or queen:
the royal palace
the coalition obtained royal approval for the appointment
in the service or under the patronage of a king or queen:
a royal maid
of a quality or size suitable for a king or queen; splendid:
she received a royal welcome
[attributive] British informal real; utter (used for emphasis):
she’s a right royal pain in the behind
1 informal a member of the royal family:
the royals are coming under the TV microscope
2short for royal sail or royal mast.
3short for royal stag.
4 (in full metric royal) [mass noun] a paper size, 636 × 480 mm.
(in full royal octavo) a book size, 234 × 156 mm.
(in full royal quarto) a book size, 312 × 237 mm.
5 Bell-ringing a system of change-ringing using ten bells.
royal road to
a way of attaining or reaching something without trouble:
there is no royal road to teaching
late Middle English: from Old French roial, from Latin regalis ‘regal’