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Pronunciation of Rovers: Learn how to pronounce Rovers in English correctly

Learn how to say Rovers correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word rover:

1a person who spends their time wandering:
they became rovers who departed further and further from civilization
2(in various sports) a player not restricted to a particular position on the field.
Australian Rules one of the three players making up a ruck, typically one who is small, fast, and skilful at receiving the ball.
3a vehicle for driving over rough terrain, especially one driven by remote control over extraterrestrial terrain:
a lunar rover
4 Croquet a ball that has passed all the hoops but not pegged out.
a player who has a rover ball.
5 Archery a mark for long-distance shooting.
a mark chosen at random and not at a determined range.
6 (Rover or Rover Scout) a member of a Scouting organization aged around 17-24.