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Pronunciation of Routes: Learn how to pronounce Routes in English correctly

Learn how to say Routes correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word route:

a way or course taken in getting from a starting point to a destination:
the scenic route from Florence to Siena
the line of a road, path, railway, etc.:
proposals have been put forward for a new route around the south of the town
North American a round travelled in delivering, selling, or collecting goods.
a method or process leading to a specified result:
the many routes to a healthier diet will be described
verb (routes, routeing or routing, routed)
[with object and adverbial of direction]
send or direct along a specified course:
all lines of communication were routed through London
Middle English: from Old French rute ‘road’, from Latin rupta (via) ‘broken (way)’, feminine past participle of rumpere