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Pronunciation of Routed: Learn how to pronounce Routed in English correctly

Learn how to say Routed correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word rout:

1a disorderly retreat of defeated troops:
the retreat degenerated into a rout
a decisive defeat:
the party lost more than half their seats in the rout
2 Law, dated an assembly of people who have made a move towards committing an illegal act which would constitute an offence of riot.
archaic a disorderly or tumultuous crowd of people:
a rout of strangers ought not to be admitted
3 archaic a large evening party or reception.
[with object]
defeat and cause to retreat in disorder:
in a matter of minutes the attackers were routed
put to rout
put to flight; defeat utterly:
I once put a gang to rout
Middle English: ultimately based on Latin ruptus ‘broken’, from the verb rumpere; sense 1 and the verb (late 16th century) are from obsolete French route, probably from Italian rotta ‘break-up of an army’; the other senses are via Anglo-Norman French rute