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Pronunciation of Roughened: Learn how to pronounce Roughened in English correctly

Learn how to say Roughened correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word rough:

1having an uneven or irregular surface; not smooth or level:
they had to carry the victim across the rough, stony ground
her skin felt dry and rough
denoting the face of a tennis or squash racket on which the loops formed from the stringing process project (used as a call when the racket is spun to decide the right to serve first or to choose ends).
2(of a person or their behaviour) not gentle; violent or boisterous:
pushchairs should be capable of withstanding rough treatment
(of an area or occasion) characterized by violent behaviour:
the workmen hate going to the rough estates
(of weather or the sea) wild and stormy:
the lifeboat crew braved rough seas to rescue a couple
3not finished tidily or decoratively; plain and basic:
the customers sat at rough wooden tables
put together as a temporary measure; makeshift:
he had one arm in a rough sling
lacking sophistication or refinement:
she took care of him in her rough, kindly way
not fully worked out or including every detail:
he had a rough draft of his new novel
(of stationery) used for making preliminary notes:
rough paper
4(of a voice) harsh and rasping:
his voice was rough with barely suppressed fury
(of wine or another alcoholic drink) sharp or harsh in taste:
he refilled the mug with rough cider
5not exact or precise; approximate:
they had a rough idea of when the murder took place
it’ll cost about £50, at a rough guess
6 informal difficult and unpleasant:
the teachers gave me a rough time because my image didn’t fit
British hard; severe:
the first day of a job is rough on everyone
the altitude had hit her and she was feeling rough
in a manner that lacks gentleness; harshly or violently:
treat ’em rough but treat ’em fair
1chiefly British a disreputable and violent person:
the rear of the column was attacked by roughs
2 [mass noun] (on a golf course) longer grass around the fairway and the green:
his second shot lay in the rough
3a preliminary sketch:
I did a rough to work out the scale of the lettering
4an uncut precious stone:
miners discovered one of the biggest diamond roughs in history
[with object]
1work or shape (something) in a rough, preliminary fashion:
flat surfaces of wood are roughed down
(rough something out) produce a preliminary and unfinished version of something:
the engineer roughed out a diagram on his notepad
2make uneven:
rough up the icing with a palette knife
3 (rough it) informal live in discomfort with only basic necessities:
she’d had to rough it alone in digs