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Pronunciation of Rostrum: Learn how to pronounce Rostrum in English correctly

Learn how to say Rostrum correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word rostrum:

noun (plural rostra /-trə/ or rostrums)
1a raised platform on which a person stands to make a public speech, receive an award or medal, play music, or conduct an orchestra:
speaker after speaker stepped up to the rostrum
the winner’s rostrum
the composer moved from keyboard to rostrum
a raised platform supporting a film or television camera:
[as modifier]:
a rostrum camera
2chiefly Zoology a beak-like projection, especially a stiff snout or anterior prolongation of the head in an insect, crustacean, or cetacean:
these beetles are very easily recognized by the rostrum or beak


Pronunciation: /-strət/

(also rostrated) adjective
rostrum (sense 2).

mid 16th century: from Latin, literally ‘beak’ (from rodere ‘gnaw’). The word was originally used (at first in the plural rostra) to denote part of the Forum in Rome, which was decorated with the beaks of captured galleys, and was used as a platform for public speakers