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Pronunciation of Romans: Learn how to pronounce Romans in English correctly

Learn how to say Romans correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word Roman:

1relating to ancient Rome or its empire or people:
a site rich in finds from Bronze Age and Roman settlements
relating to medieval or modern Rome:
the Roman and Pisan lines of popes
2 datedshort for Roman Catholic.
the Roman Church’s instructions to its clergy
3denoting the alphabet (or any of the letters in it) used for writing Latin, English, and most European languages, developed in ancient Rome:
he substituted the Roman alphabet for the Arabic in written Turkish
4 (roman) (of type) of a plain upright kind used in ordinary print, especially as distinguished from italic and Gothic:
each complete type family in bold, italic, bold italic and roman
1a citizen or soldier of the ancient Roman Republic or Empire:
the Romans had a formidable army
a citizen of modern Rome.
2 dated a Roman Catholic.
3 (roman) [mass noun] roman type:
it is signed in roman rather than his usual cursive script

Middle English: from Old French Romain, from Latin Romanus, from Roma ‘Rome’