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Pronunciation of Robes: Learn how to pronounce Robes in English correctly

Learn how to say Robes correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word robe:

1a long, loose outer garment reaching to the ankles:
a young man in a fez and ragged robe
a baby in christening robes
(often robes) a robe worn, especially on formal or ceremonial occasions, as an indication of the wearer’s rank, office, or profession:
he was dressed in his archbishop’s robes after some function
a dressing gown or bathrobe:
he was clad in a short towelling robe
2North American dated a lap robe.
[with object] (usually as adjective robed)
clothe in a robe:
a circle of robed figures
[in combination]:
a white-robed Bedouin
[no object] put on robes, especially for a formal or ceremonial occasion:
I went into the vestry and robed for the Mass

Middle English: from Old French, from the Germanic base (in the sense ‘booty’) of rob (because clothing was an important component of booty)