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Pronunciation of Roaring: Learn how to pronounce Roaring in English correctly

Learn how to say Roaring correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word roaring:

1making or uttering a roar:
he was greeted everywhere with roaring crowds
a swollen, roaring river
(of a fire) burning fiercely and noisily:
he sat by the roaring fire
chiefly archaic behaving or living in a noisy riotous manner:
a roaring boy
(of a period of time) characterized by prosperity, optimism, and excitement:
the Roaring Twenties
2 informal very obviously or unequivocally the thing mentioned (used for emphasis):
last week’s 70s night was a roaring success
[as submodifier]:
two roaring drunk firemen

do a roaring trade (or business)
informal do very good business:
the cafes on the boulevard were doing a roaring trade
the food sellers were doing a roaring trade in spiced sausages
the roaring forties
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