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Pronunciation of Rind: Learn how to pronounce Rind in English correctly

Learn how to say Rind correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word rind:

[mass noun]
the tough outer skin of certain fruit, especially citrus fruit:
decorate with fine shreds of orange rind
[count noun]:
olive oil infused with lemon rinds
the hard outer edge of cheese or bacon:
curls of bacon rind were left on his plate
[count noun]:
Pecorino Romano has a white, waxy rind
the bark of a tree or plant:
with the liberal use of birch rind and creosote splits we soon had fires going
the hard outer layer of a rhizomorph or other part of a fungus.
the skin or blubber of a whale:
Jeffries was flensing the rind free
[with object]
strip the bark from (a tree):
when the meat ran out they had to rind trees and chew the inner bark for nourishment
[in combination]:
yellow-rinded lemons
Old English rind(e) ‘bark of a tree’; related to Dutch run and German Rinde, of unknown origin