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Pronunciation of Riggers: Learn how to pronounce Riggers in English correctly

Learn how to say Riggers correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word rigger:

1 [in combination] a ship rigged in a particular way:
a square-rigger
2a person who rigs or attends to the rigging of a sailing ship, aircraft, or parachute:
there was a vacancy for a rigger in No 70 Squadron
a person who erects and maintains scaffolding, cranes, etc.:
I rely upon labourers, riggers, and construction workers
a person who works on or helps construct an oil rig:
small townships afloat with huge crews made up of separate groups such as divers and riggers
3 (also rigger brush) an artist’s long-haired sable brush.
4an outrigger carrying a rowlock on a racing rowing boat.