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Pronunciation of Rigged: Learn how to pronounce Rigged in English correctly

Learn how to say Rigged correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word rig:

verb (rigs, rigging, rigged)
1 [with object] provide (a sailing boat) with sails and rigging:
the catamaran will be rigged as a ketch
(as adjective, in combination -rigged)
a gaff-rigged cutter
assemble and adjust (the equipment of a sailing boat, aircraft, etc.) in readiness for operation:
most sails are kept ready rigged
2set up (equipment or a device or structure), typically in a makeshift or hasty way:
he had rigged up a sort of tent
[with object and infinitive]:
the power plant of the lifeboat had been rigged to explode
3provide (someone) with clothes of a particular type:
a cavalry regiment rigged out in green and gold
1the particular way in which a sailing boat’s masts, sails, and rigging are arranged:
a ketch rig
the sail, mast, and boom of a windsurfer:
the stronger the wind, the later you release the rig
2a device or piece of equipment designed for a particular purpose:
a lighting rig
an oil rig or drilling rig:
the North Sea rigs
(in CB and short-wave radio) a transmitter and receiver:
the CB rig in the car was on channel 20
a set of amplifiers and speakers used by a live band or a DJ in a club.
a particular type of construction for fishing tackle that bears the bait and hook:
the set-up with the smaller hook is free of lead and known as a free-line rig
3a person’s costume, outfit, or style of dress:
the rig of the American Army Air Corps
4chiefly North American & Australian/NZ a truck.