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Pronunciation of Rifts: Learn how to pronounce Rifts in English correctly

Learn how to say Rifts correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word rift:

1a crack, split, or break in something:
the wind had torn open a rift in the clouds
Geology a major fault separating blocks of the earth’s surface; a rift valley.
2a serious break in friendly relations:
the rift between the two branches of the legal profession
[no object] chiefly Geology
form fissures or breaks, especially through large-scale faulting; move apart:
a fragment of continental crust which rifted away from eastern Australia
[with object] (usually as adjective rifted) tear or force (something) apart:
the nascent rifted margins of the Red Sea
Middle English: of Scandinavian origin; compare with Norwegian and Danish rift ‘cleft, chink’