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Pronunciation of Riffles: Learn how to pronounce Riffles in English correctly

Learn how to say Riffles correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word riffle:

1 [no object] turn over something, especially the pages of a book, quickly and casually:
he riffled through the pages
[with object]:
she opened a book and riffled the pages
(riffle through) search quickly through (something):
she riffled through her leather handbag
[with object] disturb the surface of; ruffle:
there was a slight breeze that riffled her hair
2 [with object] shuffle (playing cards) by flicking up and releasing the corners or sides of two piles of cards so that they intermingle and may be slid together to form a single pile:
he riffled the deck of cards
1 [usually in singular] an act or sound of riffling through something:
just a riffle through the books
the loudest sound was the constant riffle of paper as people looked at the agendas
2chiefly North American a rocky or shallow part of a stream or river where the water flows brokenly:
the river’s sweeping riffles and deep pools provide a superb habitat for salmon
a patch of waves or ripples.

late 18th century (in sense 2 of the noun): perhaps from a variant of the verb ruffle, influenced by ripple