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Pronunciation of Rides: Learn how to pronounce Rides in English correctly

Learn how to say Rides correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word ride:

verb (past rode /rəʊd/; past participle ridden /ˈrɪd(ə)n/)
[with object]
1sit on and control the movement of (an animal, typically a horse):
Jane and Rory were riding their ponies
[no object]:
I haven’t ridden much since the accident
[no object, with adverbial] travel on a horse or other animal:
we rode on horseback
some of the officers were riding back
sit on and control (a bicycle or motorcycle):
he rode a Harley Davidson across the United States
[no object] (ride in/on) travel in or on (a vehicle) as a passenger:
I started riding on the buses
chiefly North American travel in (a vehicle or lift):
she rides the bus across 42nd Street
go through or over (an area) on a horse, bicycle, etc.:
ride the full length of the Ridgeway
compete in (a race) on a horse, bicycle, or motorcycle:
I rode a good race
[no object, with adverbial or complement] (of a vehicle, animal, racetrack, etc.) be of a particular character for riding on or in:
the Metro rode as well as some cars of twice the price
informal transport (someone) in a vehicle:
the taxi driver who rode Kale into the airport not long ago
South African transport (goods):
neighbours rode loads of prickly pear to feed their animals
2be carried or supported by (something moving with great momentum):
a stream of young surfers fighting the elements to ride the waves
the fund rode the growth boom in the 1980s
[no object] move so as to project or overlap:
when two lithospheric plates collide, one tends to ride over the other
[no object] (of a vessel) sail or float:
a large cedar barque rode at anchor
the moon was riding high in the sky
3 (be ridden) be full of or dominated by:
you must not think him ridden with angst
(as adjective, in combination -ridden)
the crime-ridden streets
4yield to (a blow) so as to reduce its impact:
Harrison drew back his jaw as if riding the blow
5 vulgar slang have sexual intercourse with.
6North American annoy, pester, or tease:
if you don’t give all the kids a chance to play, the parents ride you