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Pronunciation of Ricochetting: Learn how to pronounce Ricochetting in English correctly

Learn how to say Ricochetting correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word ricochet:

verb (ricochets, ricocheting /-ʃeɪɪŋ/, ricocheted /-ʃeɪd/ or ricochets, ricochetting /-ʃɛtɪŋ/, ricochetted /-ʃɛtɪd/)
[no object, with adverbial of direction]
(of a bullet or other projectile) rebound off a surface:
a bullet ricocheted off a nearby wall
[with object and adverbial of direction] cause to rebound off a surface:
they fired off a couple of rounds, ricocheting the bullets against a wall
appear to move with a series of ricochets:
the sound ricocheted around the hall
a shot or hit that rebounds off a surface:
she was hit by a ricochet in the leg
[mass noun] the action or movement of a bullet or other projectile when ricocheting:
the practice of low-level skip bombing relied on ricochet for effect
mid 18th century: from French, of unknown origin