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Pronunciation of Richen: Learn how to pronounce Richen in English correctly

Learn how to say Richen correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word rich:

1having a great deal of money or assets; wealthy:
a rich and famous family
(as plural noun the rich)
every day the split between the rich and the poor widens
(of a country or region) having valuable natural resources or a successful economy:
rich countries can afford to spend money on the environment
of expensive materials or workmanship; demonstrating wealth:
rich mahogany furniture
generating wealth; valuable:
not all footballers enjoy rich rewards from the game
2existing in plentiful quantities; abundant:
the rich flora and fauna of the forest
having (a particular thing) in large amounts:
many vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins
[in combination]:
a protein-rich diet
(of food) containing a large amount of fat, spices, sugar, etc.:
dishes with wonderfully rich sauces
(of drink) full-bodied:
a rich and hoppy best bitter
(of the fuel and air mixture in an internal-combustion engine) containing a high proportion of fuel:
crank the engine until it fires and return the mixture to ‘rich’
3producing a large quantity of something:
novels have always been a rich source of material for the film industry
(of land) having the properties necessary to produce fertile growth:
the city is surrounded by rich agricultural land
(of a mine or mineral deposit) yielding a large quantity of precious metal:
one of the richest phosphate mines in the West
4(of a colour, sound, smell, etc.) pleasantly deep or strong:
his rich bass voice
basmati rice has a rich aroma
5interesting because full of variety:
what a full, rich life you lead!
6 informal (of a remark) causing ironic amusement or indignation:
these comments are a bit rich coming from a woman with no money worries